Why Signature is not visible on DANIWEB after log out from this site.


Are you facing same issue?

If yes then Why?

And how to resolve it?


This is not an issue but a concious site-wide decision. IIRC, this was put in place to ensure we don't end up getting members who post for the sole purpose of "exposing" their sig links to "teh internet". As a user, you have no control over this behaviour, so no, it can't be resolved.

Similar thread in the past.


Thanks a lot sos. I thought its good to disappear spammy link. And what is the use when google is not indexing these link . i appreciate your fast reply.

I have done .. thank you you have solved that issue

Question Answered as of 3 Years Ago by ~s.o.s~

Maybe someday Dani will put that feature in PFO too. I'm getting tired of banning signature spammers.

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