I am new in a python2.7. Please help how efficiently we parse and store the fields in dictionary for later retrieval.

my log file example

#Version: 1.0
#Fields: date time c-ip s-dns x-proto s-parser cs-resource s-resource sc-response-code sc-response s-candidate-ips x-preferred-location x-location cs-user-agent s-ip c-port
#Software: vx-logfeed 1.3
#Start-Date: 2011-04-20 14:05:00
2011-04-20 14:07:30.3 us1.isp1loc1s1.abc dns vxdns wp-1234000000000000.id.abc.example.com wp-1234000000000000 NOERROR,, n.isp1.serv.us.ny n.isp1.serv.us.ma - 2323
#End-Date: 2011-04-20 14:10:00
#X-Records: 1


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Just paste your code after pushing the (code) button, include full erroo mesages and explain what you tried to fix it.

It appears that this forum has a reputation for free code as I don't see this much on other forums. But then again, if you are the OP of the "calculating the avg and std" post, you know that you can just keep asking questions until someone provides a complete solution.

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