There's someone who downvotes 5-10 posts of mine everyday, and not like bad posts, whoever it is downvotes my good posts which have already been upvoted! I cannot understand why the person in concern is doing this; this is not community spirit! I request an admin for help: I'm not saying that you should upvote my posts, at least find out who's doing this so that I can amicably resolve the matter with the person! Yesterday night, I'd 2 posts which were negative and now? Eight. I had 7-8 positive ones, and now? Two.

# Unique Posts Receiving Down-Votes: 23
# Members Who've Down-Voted: 9

Of this, I've checked, 7-8 are legitimate downvotes, by unique members. The rest? anonymously downvoted posts! And that too, on upvoted posts!? You can check my profile, too.

Thanks In Advance,
Dantin Kakkar

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I am an upvoting troll
agreed with happygeek and s.o.s
Certainly doesn't deserve a downvote or the treatment you got for asking - upvoted and +repped here
Doesn't deserve a down-vote IMO
quit whining about it
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Happens to everybody... get over it. Give the right example, and don't fuss about it.

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Wow, there are some unsympathetic people here. :icon_rolleyes: If it's legitimate harassment then that's an issue, but to the best of my knowledge there's no way to find out who is doing the voting without direct database queries, if that information is presently stored at all.

You'd need to contact Dani for such a task as she's the only one with database access in the current system.

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Agreed about the sympathy or lack thereof. While downvoted posts are hardly something to get too upset about, at the end of the day it doesn't really matter after all, if it's someone deliberately harassing another member then it is a legitimate concern and one that TPTB should and would be interested in.

Dantin, do you know of anyone you have annoyed or got into a flame war with before the downvoting started? As an admin I cannot find out who downvoted you, as James has said that's something Dani may be able to do but I doubt it would be high on her todo list given the amount of work she's doing re-coding the site at present. I suspect I know who is behind it, however, but have no proof and therefore cannot take any action.

My advice, ignore them and they will (like all petulant children) simply go away.

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What you say is correct...

There was a lot of flaming going on on both sides in the thread about for interface generators for databases. Indeed, I myself up and downvoted posts on all sides in that instance.


@happygeek, I share the same suspicion. Won't take any names publicly, no proof. And after that flamed thread I was even called an a**ho*e on PM. Reported it... I'm ignoring the downvotes, I was concerned since I think someone's using a script to do so.

@priteas, I don't mind any legitimate downvotes...

@deceptikon... Yeah, I even got into a miniwar with an asker in the it pros forum.

Though I'm ignoring the -ve posts, is there a way of detecting whether or not a script has been used?

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looks like he's arrived here as well... so some + rep to help redress the balance
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