Dear moderators,

I would like to report a potential bug as in this post:

I used if (!(fin >> pianoPlayer[i])) in line 6 and the [i] was interpreted as the italic BBCode. This would not have happened if I did not use a close italic BBCode in this line further below (the italicised part is underlined here):

Call [U]which[/U] method with parameters by reference or value? The [INLINECODE]ReadScores[/INLINECODE] method above uses [INLINECODE]ifstream& fin[/INLINECODE] as its parameter; the [INLINECODE]&[/INLINECODE] tells the compiler that the parameter is passed in by reference and not by value.

Is it possible to prevent such a thing from happening somehow? Removing the parsing of BBCode within [CODE] and [INLINECODE] tags alone will not do because I do use [B] within them.

I would also like to suggest providing an alternate BBCode to [INLINECODE], like [C] or something. That's because [INLINECODE] is meant to be frequently used (I do use them frequently) and manually typing them is a little of a chore. Perhaps implementing keyboard shortcuts would be a good choice.

Also, is there a way to prevent the edit box from scrolling all the way to the top whenever I click on one of the formatting buttons? It gets in the way whenever I try to format a long reply. Thanks!

P.S. May I also ask why is there a 30 minute edit limit?

This is just a built-in bug with the vBulletin software which powers DaniWeb. The problem is eliminated when you use [php] or [html] tags as opposed to [code] tags.

The full standard and WYSIWYG editors (which appear everywhere except for the quick reply box) contain a button to quickly insert inline code.

Hi cscgal,

I understand that clicking on the button will do in the Advanced Reply mode. I always use the Advanced Reply anyway. It's just that if there's a lot of inline code it is rather "tiresome" (if you get what I mean), to click that button. In fact, the edit box scrolling to the top on a button click makes it worse. I was thinking of an easier way where one could insert these tags without touching the mouse, i.e. keyboard combination shortcuts for tags, or, shorter tag names. Just a suggestion :)

Anyway, I'll keep the [php] and [html] tags in mind. Thanks!