today i visited the source code section of daniweb and i was amazed to see that codes inside text box were colored according to their syntax.here is the url of the page.
in which language this is coded .can i do this in php .can anybody provide me some help.perhaps cscgal can help me out.

i thought i will not get reply, thats why i started coding my own function.my function replaced all the keywords with custom colors and it also changed the colors of the comments, but it had some bugs.but now i know the site i will be able to complete my function easily.

I use PHP Coder Pro.... Nice utility with some built in functionality... Best of all... it is FREE!


hello cputek2k,
we are talking about highlighting source codes in web-pages not in IDE.if you know about it ,please tell me. the link u posted was down,but i guessed from the url that it could be IDE download site.