Hi Dani or cscgal,

I would like to thank you for bringing my
"Recently Updated Articles" Bar back ^_^

Thank You!

You're welcome :)

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I notice it isn't active on HTC. Is that deliberate? I cleared cache/logged out too. No biggie. It didn't sit right the last time - fixed position was a little fruity on HTC. Nice return :)

I would only consider movin Recently Updated Articles after Recommended and rename it All Updated, to be more vertical mode friendly for mobile. No problem with Opera Mobile in Nokia E7 (Symbian^3) on horizontal mode. For Nokia browser you have kept it disabled, I noticed.

I like the current order because it goes like this:

  • Sitewide content
  • Sitewide content that is semi-filtered for you
  • Sitewide content that is semi-filtered for you
  • Just your content
  • Just your content

(from broad to narrow)

Also, it goes:

  • Article list
  • Article list
  • Article list
  • Article list
  • Individual posts

Yes, it is deliberately disabled on mobile devices that didn't handle fixed position correctly.

Opera Mini does it quite nicely, maybe not standard way, so actually you can scroll to the bar without it running away. So it is good it is enabled there. Actually most importan link is in right, so it is kind of last you read, but once you learn it is there, you just click it. Of course there is overlap with the top Watched Threads, but maybe it does not matter as you are maybe more PERL (There is more than one way to do things) than Python style coder (There should be one obvious way to do things). I do not know what is version for PHP programmers, so I am waiting to be corrected.

If I put functions down there would go:
Replies New favorite Updated

Replies would give menu of links to messages after my last posts, giving hover tip of beginning of message, bold if unread by me.
New favorite would give new threads link in menu in my favorite forums (configurable with tick boxes in Edit Profile from posted forums, transfered to other forum posts would not make the new forum as one of the favorite forum, only direct posting to there or selecting a forum from list without posting there)
Updated would preferably give updated messages not in my favorite forums.

What would be really nice is if you could duplicate the "Watched Articles" link from the main menu bar somewhere in the "Recently Updated Articles" Bar back that way all the links I regularly use would be in a single place (at the bottom) rather than me needing to drag my mouse up to the top of the screen to get to "Watched Articles".

(Naturally I'm assuming that you are modifying the interface solely to meet my personal browsing requirements I trust everyone is OK with that :D )

But it is really nice to get the bottom bar back thank you.