Hello friends,
How you doing. I am going to start a seo blog and can you tell me how many minimum articles needed to on my blog in first live of my blog.

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Everything starts with 1.

i would recommend having at least 3 posts in each category

My opinion is you can first start with one and then go for more.

HI there,
Thanks for your reply.

@EverWebby You are ryt everything start from 1. But i m thinking about content. because if any user will come to blog, i want he/she stay for a time so i can only stop that user with high quality content of blog with accurate articles. So i m thinking about minimum 10 or maximum 15 articles for my first live of blog.? What you all will say

@pcalior agree with you

@ joshmobiles83 Thanks

Here are so many considerations article only covers Blogger's commenting system so My first suggestion for you firstly start with one post and then go for more post its really help you.....

Regular updates of blog is must to have success in blogging. But starting it is two blogs enough and you have to do atleast two blogs a week for better exposure.

You start by doing one, and keep on updating it everyday if possible. To keep the presence alive.

Forget quantity and focus on quality, it will pay of in the long run. Do not forget that search engine got a lot smarter now and can easily detect duplicated content. If you want to position yourself as a true master on that, do some reading and write your own articles.

I think you need to do 2 to 3 post daily. Regular posting is good.

start with one...and keep updating daily 2 3 articles...goodluck

Hi backendcode,

You may want to revisit your strategy. Are BLOG's still relevant? A sale begins with a relationship. Ask yourself is it easier to establish that relationship with a BLOG? Or with a social media site? I'd argue the relationship happens faster with social media. Good luck with your venture!



You can start by one but should have unique content. Its really work more when you put unique content. After that update your blog regularly.

submit 2 articles daily

Yes, I agree with host4more. Quality is more important while posting than quantity. Try to post how much you can but see to it that, your posts are more interesting and effective.

I would suggest you to go at least with 4 Post & that after getting index by search engine, you can go to add more on that.

you have to update a article on daily basis not more then that you will get your estimated traffic....

start with 5 psot and update it daily by 5 articals

I would honestly suggesting you to write around 30 articles and keep them as draft. You can post all of them together while going live. After that, keep posting each day an article if you have not many visitors. If you have already acquired some 200-500 visitors per day. Then posting articles each 2 or 3 days are fine so that your articles remain in the headline of your website long enough such that your readers get to read them.

Remember,a website's strength is determined by the strength of the pages within the website. So, posting a lot of content and not allowing them to have enough views are the worst practices that you could be going for.

I think updating your blog with good content is more important. 3 articles one week is reasonable.

Just like with other posters advice here, the best is at least one per day. Then as you go along you can increase the number of posts in each day. Remember that there many things to be considered in creating a post. The SEO which includes keywords and its density, the grammar, the composition, and the overall addressing of the post. All of us (bloggers), are probably looking for a good traffic for our blog site that is why we need to be more careful with each post we are going to create.

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