The replacement for the Quote button (mouse left click to add text already in clipboard) is really very annoying at times. If all I want to do is just put the cursur somewhere, such as at the end of the last line of text already inside the edit box, your edit box copyies the clipboard text there too. Any way to prevent the edit box from doing that?

The quote button works as follows:

  • Highlight text in a post
  • Click in edit box

It shouldn't happen if you just click somewhere else: only if you highlight text with your mouse and release the mouse button while still hovering over a post.

Oh nevermind. I think what is confusing me is that instant preview that shows up when I click in the edit box.

You can click on the preview box to hide it. It auto-appears again once you start typing though.

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The annoying thing for me is when you want to copy code from a previous post. You select the code, choose copy in your usual way and then as soon as you click on the editor window - bang - quote. :(

That's the only frustrating thing about it for me, otherwise, it's a cool feature.

OK, deselect after copying is the obvious answer, but it's just a pain.