Didn't there used to be a sort by creation date for viewing posts? Or am i not looking in the right place...?
I'm not to keen on seeing resurrected posts from like 7 yrs ago clogging up recent posts.


Wow... There have certainly been some changes :) I am lost with this new layout, back to school ;)

Hi ...

We are actually on an entirely new platform now, so it would take forever to go through a list of everything that's changed recently. I am sure that once you start browsing around a bit and posting, you'll find things are much more intuitive and easier!

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to sort by thread creation date on the forums.


trawl time...

Yes hopefully I'll get used to this new system. You have gotten rid of a fair bit of fluff since my last visit ;)

In an attempt to make the system simpler to use and more intuitive, we got rid of a lot of features that were not commonly used. However, we also came up with better ways of doing a lot of stuff, too! As mentioned, it's an entirely different platform rebuilt from the ground up, and we're accepting allllll suggestions here in the feedback forum.

Great :D

Sort posts by creation date please ;)
Theres still things im struggling to find like my recent post lists n that but ill look round some more.

Recent posts is in the toolbar at the bottom of any page. Each time you post in an article, it gets added to your "watched articles" list, available from the link at the top of every page.

You know, i didnt even notice, Thank you.