How does the search feature on Daniweb work? I have had to recreate (several times) a posting to point people at the Microsoft article on how to deploy an application. I'm sure I have used

  1. the actual article name
  2. the word "walkthrough"
  3. the word "deploy"

and each time I search for any of those terms I get zero results. Is it possible that the search is searching only on tags? I assumed it searched the entire text.

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Then we are back to the problem I had some time ago with this same question. If the search is google-based then why do these searches return nothing? Of am I having a HAL moment?

Here's a case in point. This thread was started by me some time back in regards to Search. However, when I search this forum using "google" as the search term, only the thread we are in right now shows up. Something ain't right.

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