K! I have been off the daniweb for sometime now. But came back today. But i think i forgot my login details..... so i asked for the reset mail. And i got it, but when i click on the link, it just goes to my profile and no option whatsoever to reset the password or username. Please help me.....

This is my new account, from the FB.....

The link to my previous acc is http://www.daniweb.com/members/924687/Captain-Jake

Please give a solution....... I need to reset my pass and userid.......

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K! After a lot of, lot of tries....... I finally logged in.......

But the question (Irrelevent to me at this point, but for others), why didn't daniweb reset link work???


Shoot!! Something I was working on today introduced a bug in the reset link. I'm super sorry about that :(


OK, it's working now. Sorry about that. I didn't realize that I introduced a bug earlier today. Thanks so much for the catch.

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