Why has daniweb went down hill? It use to be where if you had a question people would just answer it. Now when you ask a question people fight with you. The admins don't seem to really care. I come here to just ask a question and get a idea on how to do things better. But latley I have been getting people saying we are not doing the whole project for you... ? I never asked them to do the whole project I just asked if its a good idea to do it with a integer and a php if statement. but then members say that I should stop asking people to code for me. How the hell do people get code the whole project out of is it a good idea to use a integer and a if statement?

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The admins don't seem to really care.

I care that you had a hissy fit and I called you on it. I don't care that somebody told you they wouldn't do your project as that's not against the rules. Ignore it if you don't like it, report it if you think it breaks the rules.

But latley I have been getting people saying we are not doing the whole project for you... ?

By lately you seem to mean once, by one person, and looking at the thread in question it's more like you simply went full crazy for no reason. Let's keep things in perspective, shall we?

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No body is ever going to you all the code to anything... Why would someone ever give you all the code to anything and do it for free... No forum would do that unless you are connected with the talented. The admins are very caring... You never asked for an idea either, you threatened lastmitch for all of it and why he annoyed you, which he didnt, plus you downed him 200 times for no reason. People get all the code to anything because they have the mind to think while you have the mind of a failing developer that is trying to drag down others. Now that you burned your bridges, no one will help you.

Btw, lastmitch asked to look at your code to fix it for you...


Having a flame war is one thing - give air to your handbags, lick your wounds and carry on. Serial downvoting on the other hand is just pure spite and beneath contempt. Bridges well and truly blown to smithereens if you ask me.

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