Can anyone give this a try?

there are times when a print() trailing newline disappears with Python 3.3.0
this does not happen with Python 3.2.3 or Python 2.7.3

size = 180000
print("creating long string of %d sevens" % size)

# create a long string of digits
s2 = '7' * size

# looks like this print() loses its trailing newline at times 
print("start converting ...")

n = int(s2)

print("converted string to integer")

#print("Int converted            : {}".format(timenow()))

'''my result (Windows7 OS, Python 3.3.0)
print() newline is swallowed with 180000 or more digits >>>

creating a long string of 180000 sevens
start converting ...converted string to integer

print() behaves normal with 170000 or less digits>>>

creating a long string of 170000 sevens
start converting ...
converted string to integer

Print sys.maxint to see what it says. You are probably going beyond the computer's limit. It depends on your OS: 32 bit or 64 bit. For more precision take a look at the decimal module. If you want to actually do anything with a number than contains 180,000 digits, decimal is the only way to go.

In my experience this error is not the fault of Python 3.3.0 but the fault of your IDE.
I have run into a similar problem (prime number function) with the EDITRA IDE, any other IDE like IDLE, PyScripter or ConTEXT does not have a problem.

I agree, this seems to be an IDE problem at times, since IDEs have their own output area.