Hello Daniweb Members and Admins,

I've noticed a problem when attempting to watch and un-watch articles and forum posts on the Daniweb forums. When attempting to click the watch/un-watch button it just sends me to the top of the page without taking the appropriate action.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue, and has anyone found a solution.

I am using:

Firefox 17.0.1
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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A lot of Daniweb functionality like editing post for moderators, moving threads etc. doesn't seem to be working at the moment. I'll sure Dani/Deceptikun will look into it when they are online. Please bear with us. :)


I'd wager most of our article level scripting will fail to work, given the suspected cause of the problem. It should be a quick fix, but we need to wait for Dani as she's the gatekeeper for the production server. ;)


I think this works now, i don't find a problem with it.

The "Flag Bad Post" doesnt seem to be working at the moment either...

JorgeM, were you trying to flag this thread lol.

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