Follow this link:
As I am not getting any reply there and if any one else can solve this problem then please do reply or tell me any other alternative.
Ok The problem is :
1]Its not showing any report if I click on Button. The button is where all the above codings are done.
2]So,I connected Crystal Report to Crystal Report Viewer i.e. the connection is done through the small arrow we can see on the crystal report viewer.
3] I run the form and both the form and the Crystal Report pops up.
Crystal Report directly asks to choose the frmdate and todate and after choosing it does'n show any result,it closes that box.
4] On the form,Where the 2 datetimepickers and button and crystal report viewer are shown:
Here after clicking on button there is no result.

If you are not getting a reply - Don't make a new thread.

This would be your fourth thread on the same topic.

You can't beg community members for code, you have to show effort on your behalf.

I know people have posted usefull references numerous times, why have you not tried them?

Or, have you tried them and they have not worked?

If they have not worked, why not?

Do not make multiple threads for a single question. Closing this one. Please continue working through the original thread.