When I hover over the little ad at the top of each thread, it's usually the ebook one. It shows up normally. However, if you hover the cursor over that ad text multiple times very quickly. The small dialog continues to appear and then disappear the ammount of times that you hovered the cursor over the ad text.

I know it's only a small bug, but now I know, it's kinda annoying, and would probably take two minutes to fix.

Just add in somewhere along the



.stop(true, true);

to prevent that from occuring.


Caelan it is not a bug it is the functionality.If you want to get rid of this ,edit your profile http://www.daniweb.com/members/edit_profile and there is option to disable Ads.Just check that box and the Ads will be hidden froum your screen.

No, you have missunderstood me. It is a bug, if you actually read my post you will see what I mean.

Hi Echo, I understand what you mean and it's actually by design. Every hover past the text ad is designed to complete the full animation cycle.

Yes, I know. But you can stop it from continuing to flash up loads of times.

If you move the cursor over the link about 5 times very quickly, the dialog will flash 5 times, it should only flash once IMO.