I have hectic days, and have not been on this site for yonks. I see it has changed dramatically so much so that I have no idea how to even post a query for an Excel 2003 formula or where to.
It appears that its "open slather" in so far as no headings to post to e.g. Excel, Word, Access, SQL etc.
What goes? I have opened up all the tabs and I'm not seeing where things before used to be.
Is it just a "community forum" these days for geeks loaded with advertising?

Do I now Google for a specific Excel forum to seek help?

Cheers, wondering if this is going to get somewhere.. my email bouncedmaybe this will too..

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Following something of a bottom-up redesign last year, DaniWeb now makes use of tags. So you could post your Excel query in the Microsoft Windows sub-category and tag the post with keywords such as 'Excel' and anything else directly relevant in order to increase visibility.


Ah, that's interesting. I've never made use of that tag option, and didn't realise their significance here.

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