I have a programming question which is basically a generalized question(what i mean is a question which is not related to a particular programming language). So the question is actually about programming. So even though i am a java nerd , i want to post it in all programming languages forums..When i searched for it, i couldn't found it.
I saw "Computer Science" but what i personally feel is , that forum is not actively participated by members and i felt the need for an exclusive "PROGRAMMING" forum. Thereby allowing programmers to ask questions irrespective of the languages..

Just a thought...Just Ignore if you doesn't like..


Software Development forum would be a good choice IMO.

You don't have to pick one of the forums from the drop-down menu. Just click on the top level item in the menu bar. Just be sure that when you post the question you add tags to help in searching. And please, please, please take the time to create a meaningful title for your thread.

What he said. It's what the tagging system is for :)