I want to delete my thread I already marked it as bad flag. but as soon as possible i want to delete my thread please tell me how can i delete thread.

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Daniweb rules clearly state that a thread cannot be requested to be deleted (Unless the rules have seriously changed). If the thread contains personal information then you can request this to be edited out from the thread.

Hope this helps :)


Daniweb rules clearly state that a thread cannot be requested to be deleted

You can request for a thread to be deleted by either flagging the first post or PMing a mod directly, but that request most likely won't be granted.


Having checked the thread(s) in question (http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/csharp/threads/452839/divide-a-number-equal-to-the-input#post1964686) and (http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/csharp/threads/452839/divide-a-number-equal-to-the-input#post1963853) plus the reason you state for removing them of "Not exactly what I want. And it not gets proper solution. so its better if you delete this thread" I have to say that there is no good reason at all for either to be deleted. DaniWeb members have put efffort into replying and providing code examples, deleting it would suggest those efforts were futile/unwanted - and neither is true. The postings do not break the rules anyway, and as such will not be deleted I'm afraid.


Maybe 'Teacher' is searching the 'net for some Code a student has handed in? :-D

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hehe ;-)

That's just about the most common genuine reason for delete requests where code is concerned, it has to be said.

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