In light of vBulletin getting hacked due to hackers gaining the ability to log in as a moderator, we are being proactive and changing our method of storing and checking user passwords. Although we are no longer on the vBulletin platform, and are absolutely not susceptible to being hacked in a similar way, it certainly cannot hurt to take some proactive steps. Up until now, we have been using a somewhat similar method of storing user passwords in the database as vBulletin had, as doing so eased the migration process.

Please bare with me as there might be some intermittent downtime or the inability to log in as we update over one million records on our database this evening.

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The exploit only applies to vBulletin 4 and 5. PFO is still on vBulletin 3.x.


Password migration complete. Please let me know if you experience any issues.

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