Would it be possible for you to mark this as read and retry?

My mail server went down for a while and bounced some of the DW emails. Now everytime the website attempts to send one I get a PM saying that the address previously bounced and I should edit my profile.

I have, but the message still appears. The mail server is up and working fine. Is there a way that we can remove this flag from the mail account?


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The flag is removed if you change the email address in your profile. You'll need to change it to something else, and then change it back to the email you want to use. I should probably change this so that editing your profile always clears the flag, eh?


Hmm, I wouldn't remove on a simple edit.
I would put a little button on your profile page that clears the flag.

I've always prefered explicit over implicit, especially in cases like this. :)


Haha, I tend to prefer implicit over explicit! I'd rather things just "work" and be tailored to me automagically without me having to fine tune every little setting and preference.

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