I've noticed this happening over the last week or so.

  1. I select a forum
  2. The page comes up and the spinner stops.
  3. The "Page generated" stats are displayed at the bottom

From all indications there is no activity, but nothing happens when I hover over a menu. Nothing drops down. It can take up to 30 seconds for the menus to start working.

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OK thanks! It's most likely an issue trying to pull our deferred Javascript. Does it consistently happen? Is it still happening?


But nothing else appears broken? Pages aren't taking a really long time to load or anything?


It looks that way. It's possible that the problem started with an auto-update to Chrome. I also noticed that for some unknown reason, my CoreServicesShell.exe (a component of my Trend Micro Antivirus) CPU usage went back to normal (which is almost zero now) from upwards of 20-60% after I installed Canary.

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