Each time I first visit daniweb after a browser restart, I get a chat popup box appears, just says hello in it.

How can I stop it from appearing all the time?

Click the Chat button on the bottom bar. This will open the chat window and reset your pending chats count. It will also turn off the inline chat popup until you receive another chat in your chat box.

Or you can just click the X to close out of it (until you manually click 'Chat' again).

When I just closed it from the top right x, it appeared again after browser restart.

That's by design if it detects you have been in the chat room within the past 5 minutes.

I've only ever looked in the chat room once or twice, and never posted anything there.

The problem has gone now though, all I get now, is when I navigate to daniweb, without browser close or with, is a brief message thst appears saying "new chat message".

Ah, because someone messaged you in the chat room. You need to reply to make it go away. Part of my efforts to increase community lol.

Ah, I see.

Not a great lover of private online chats, community chatting is great though :)

They aren't private ... they're public. All chats on DaniWeb are public ... the idea is to make the forums more realtime.

This sript is as buggy as one wouldnt even think of.

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It's functioning exactly as designed. Buggy means that something isn't working the way it was intended to. What about it is buggy?

I have exactly the same problem as OP had and I followed this thread... no luck at all.

This windows/popup/call it whatever should disappear within given time (say 10 sec.). Its pretty easy to code - just do the following:

TimeListener time = new TimeListener();
time.setTimeLimit = 10000; // 10s * 1000ms; sets the time limit after which the action will take place;
time.setFireAction = Application.Modules.PM.InfoWindow.Close(); // this is just from my script. Replace what is after (=) to suit your correct 'path'
time.Fire(); // Fires it all

Thats simply it. The above sample is in C# and is taken from my websystem. Just adjust/rewrite it to suit your programming lang/needs. No need to mention you need using System.Timers; directive.

Really? You had the same problem as the OP? You mean the problem that is triggered when someone sends you a message on your shoutbox.... And your shoutbox is currently empty, because nobody ever sent you a message... I guess being a troll is a lonely affair.

I meant pm alert

Which is completely unrelated to this thread.