hi helper,
i've 3 .php and 1 css files downloaded from net.
how could i run these files? Do i need any tool?


Well if you have uploaded your php files to the web server, then just type the address (example: www.yoursite.com/index.php) into your browser and the script should run. If however it shows your source code and random html code then it means that your server doesn't have php installed in which case you would need to choose another service company.

if You don't Have any Web Host then You may RUN Your php file offline by Creating WAMP Server on Your PC:
Simply Download WAMP Server from Below URL and Install it.
Download Now

after Install open WAMP Folder from Your Installed Directory and Open WWW folder and create a folder with any name. remember this is Your Project Folder Name now Open it and Paste your File in it.

Now open Your Web Browser and type http://localhost/Your_Project_Name/File_Name.php

for example if Your Project Name is abc and your file name is abc.php then use:

if u Face any Problem Then Post your Query Here.
Thank You..

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i get ths following error Oops! This link appears to be broken now wht i need to do

first download wamp or xamp server depend on your operatign system then look for the folder htdocs in your wamp or xamp folder and put all your php filoes in htdocs folder now you need a browser like mozilla chrom in address bar type localhost:/your file name with extention
this is a whole procees to run php file

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i have installed php files but i donn't know how to run these files

@Nithya: If you installed wamp server then paste your folder in www directory. and after that open any broswer and type localhost/foldername and press Enter.

I tried installing WAMP and then copied my project folder into it. But while giving localhost\projectname\filename.php , Iam getting 404 error and page is not getting displayed. Do I need to do anything else other than these steps ?Please help me.

(broken http on purpose, dont want it to link)

ht tp://localhost/projectname/filename.php

forward slashes, this is now a website, no longer the local filesystem

QuickPHP a small portable php local server, without the complexity or utility of wamp
just click, and run in the browser
great product for quick n dirty developer
not affiliated in any way

I am using Denver server for local runing php files. Easy install + easy use)

I tried to run the php files in 2 ways but none of them worked out :-(

1) installed wamp server on windows machine, then copied the required folder under "www" folder (i.e. C:\wamp\www)

then tried url as http://localhost/foldername/index.php

but got message as " Could not connect to localhost"

2) Tried copying the required folder under "htdocs" (i.e. C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.11\htdocs)

Then tried with url as http://localhost/foldername/index.php

but got message as " Could not connect to localhost"

Can someone please let me know how to run php projects on Windows machine.

Thanks in advance..

steps of the running the php file

1 Download the xampp tool for windows following link

  1. install by click on the xampp file it will automatic installed

  2. go to c:/xampp/htdocs add our php file that ur want to run

4 xampp control panel which is dispalyed in desktop or

 press window type the xampp control panel
 then start the server  (apache server) press start button 

5 go to browser then type localhost/ur.php file name
then u ill get ur php result

if its working then make it solved k

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