I tried to put my CV (Resume) on here.

The Import from LinkedIn crashed with the following message:

invalid redirect_uri. This value must match a URL registered with the API Key.

Also when I tried to copy and paste mine instead it wouldn't let me as there is a limit of 5000 chars :(

OK I'll check it out, thanks!! :)

Should be fixed!

Sorry still not working :(

The LinkedIn import gives the same error.

Any chance you can increase the 5000 limit? Mine is only a bit over that.


The same error?! Are you sure??

Yes, I was getting the error message, I made the appropriate change on LinkedIn, and I'm no longer getting the error message.

I still get it and I tried on different machines.

Could it be because I am in the UK? Do you want the url mine generates?

Or maybe you could increase that 5000 limit just a little :)

DaniWeb's builtin importer from other websoftware crashes every time I initiate import and thats cv. No matter what format (odt/pdf/doc(x)).

This thing is broken (as many things here) and we shall not see it fixed any time soon.

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We don't allow imports from .odt, .pdf, .doc, .docx. I'm confused how the software can "crash" when you try to import because there's not even a place to attempt to upload such files??

Crash means send out (to stdout or log) error msgs.

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Oh dear I can see this is going to kick off! Dani keep calm!

....and enjoy the ride.....

Id suggest stop writing things like the one (post) above, and get down to serious business. This involves listening to what others have to say (not always good/pleasant) things

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Please keep it civil. You seem hellbent on annoying people. Your attitude is not helping. Things you say do not have to be "good" but there is absolutely no reason for them not to be "pleasant". Manners maketh the man. Dani is pretty much the sole developer and has a list of things to develop and improve. She will prioritise as she sees fit. She will not be bullied into appeasing a rude noob.

I do not understand from where you get your sense of entitlement or your self-proclaimed status as resident expert but it's noisome and you're in real danger of making a fool of yourself. Please take note. I'm sure you have the potential and capacity to become a valuable member, but it won't happen like this. I ask myself which I could do without: DW with all it's imperfections or your comments. No contest sorry.

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Im not hell-bent on anything, Im just trying to persuade Dani (and others) what I think can be improved and how it may be done. Its just Dani who have different (weird for me) view on things.

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There is nothing wrong with putting points for improvement forwards, this is what we all do and Dani welcomes that. It's just the way you've gone about it. As you've noticed, you've made very few friends here so far and as a "professional IT freelancer", I'd have thought that that would be a negative thing - something for you to ponder maybe.

We are all colleagues here, helping to build a great site in order to help others (and each other) learn. An atmosphere of mutual respect is required. If you cannot or will not conduct yourself in an appropriate manner, then may I kindly suggest that you move on and find a site that you do like and that does not frustrate you to the extent that you end up annoying everybody.

If Dani has a different view on things, then it will be for a very good reason. I have always found her extremely open to ideas and she always replies in a courteous fashion, often going out of her way to explain why certain features are the way they are. I don't always agree, but then I'm not the one with a CS degree, brains bursting out of my skull and scraping a livelihood from running this site, often for the benefit of the undeserving.

Persuade by all means, but just use appropriate language. English may not be your mother tongue, but you seem to have an extremely good grasp of it - enough to understand the not-so-subtle nuances that certain words can have on a statement.

Did you really need to include "weird for me" ? See, that in itself is not that rude I suppose, but was it really necessary? We are in the "business" of helping people code among other things, perhaps you will learn to temper your tone and provide us with material that will not make you look foolish. Who knows, stranger things have happened. I think the community is fast losing patience with you. You have an opportunity to sort yourself out.


Having read back my post, I thought am I being harsh? Well I thought I'd browse your posts:


You seem to have over 50 - all of which are in the feedback forum. I'm just wondering what it is you're really doing here. You're not contributing to the general forums and I can't imagine that you're gaining any insights from our threads as your expertise in all things IT seem to be beyond what we offer.

And yet again - lack of proper quoting system makes me not to quote just to write from context - hope its clear......

Yes Im freelancer and Im ok with it. I had been working hard to build my reputation/respect, and Im quite respected here (I mean Polish IT market). On webapps like this, respect is required but respect does not mean that criticism/honesty is not allowed; whatsmore - each and every serious web-oriented society (help forum/newsgroup etc) staff encourages its users to openly write what they think/their suggestion(s)/idea(s) etc, what they'd improve and how. But - most importantly - they react instantly - I mean when user requests feature and its welcomed by others, coders starts to code without any delays (even if this requires doing it in nighttime/day(s) free of work; and even when it requires rewriting part/s of code.

Above should be rule no. 1 especcialy when (as here) CMS is work of one person. Lets take quoting system as example. I wrote that its not done well (imo) and how should be corrected; insead of talking, Dani should sit and rewrite it. Same with tooltips. Why there are no descriptions in tooltips? Cause Dani is busy with her second business/whatever else. It will not gain her respect (at least not from me). It does not mean I'll be trying to offend her - no way - I will just not respect her as webdeveloper. She has knowledge of webapps, but not very indepth one. She knows how to code, thats for sure.
We (within Polish webdeveloping society) call person like Dani script-newbie (also script-kiddie) - she is knowledgeable how to code (=write code), but dont understand what many directives do on their own. Im more than sure if she was to take SC exam, she would fail.....

In other words - when you want to be respected, just respect others. Earning respect is not easy thing, but this doesnot mean talking only, but hard work.
Its worth sacrifising nights and free day/s. It will pay off quite well.

If you had written your previous posts in the same manner as the one above, you'd have been taken seriously from the start.

when you want to be respected, just respect others

Funny you say that...

We (within Polish webdeveloping society) call person like Dani script-newbie (also script-kiddie) - she is knowledgeable how to code (=write code), but dont understand what many directives do on their own. Im more than sure if she was to take SC exam, she would fail

So now we are at the level of name-calling and insults.

And yet again - lack of proper quoting system makes me not to quote just to write from context - hope its clear

Daniweb uses the (very easy to learn) MarkDown syntax. One of the hallmaks of a good programmer is the ability to learn new technologies quickly. MarkDown syntax shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes. But I guess you'd rather spend your time complaining. Do you see the little question mark in the edit box title bar? Click it. By the way, it does have a tooltip.

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insead of talking, Dani should sit and rewrite it

That's not how professional software development works. First the requested feature is discussed for viability:

  • Is this feature necessary?
  • Is there an acceptable workaround?
  • Does the feature fit within the intended design?

If it's determined that the feature is viable, then a followup discussion is had about its practicality:

  • Do a critical mass of users want the feature?
  • Is the benefit of the feature worth the cost of implementing and maintaining it?

If the feature is deemed practical, a proof of concept is created to work out the kinks. Finally, if there are no significant problems from the proof of concept, the feature is implemented into the product and goes through the release cycle.

Let's talk about quoting, since that seems to be your biggest beef. Thus far I've seen only one feature request, and that feature is to support cross-page quoting. I started the discussion on viability with you and it didn't seem to go anywhere. Other problems with quoting were too vague to even begin any kind of discussion.

You seem to be expecting magic. We need lots of information in a feature request to answer the above questions, and I have yet to see that information reported in any meaningful way.

when you want to be respected, just respect others

Indeed. Odd how you haven't been following that advice. In fact, you stated quite clearly that you will not respect the developers of Daniweb and go further to insult them by calling them names (ie. script kiddie).

When you're ready to play the game like an adult, I think you'll find that we're quite open to suggestions and work hard to implement the good ones that fit into Daniweb's design.

@Revered - I did not say that this site lacks tooltips - I said they are incomplete/no clue-giving, and as such, there is no point in their existance here.

To all: I clearly see that is of no sense, as we will not reach any consensus.
PS. Its of no offence to call someone script-kiddie. It just states a fact.
PS2. Off-topic starts here. Move/divide it.

commented: "just states a fact", first of all, go to online dictionary and find the meanings of terms "fact" and "script kiddie". +0

we will not reach any consensus.

Let's agree on that.

It just states a fact.

That's an opinion, not a fact. The definition of a script kiddy is this, how is that not offensive, while you are the one talking about respect. Considering your posts you fit this description nicely, but I'm not calling it a fact.

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I am still left wondering what it is you're actually doing here. What's your purpose?

Let's face facts (or the opinions of the community), currently:

  • 63 contributions
  • 28 posts downvoted
  • 58 downvotes in total
  • 0% quality
  • 2 infraction points

The community here (we're not talking about Dani) does not seem to respect your views. You seem to have added zero worth for all your effort. Although these stats are not something to be taken too literally, they do provide a rough idea of how one's posts are perceived. And while the negativity may stem from a smaller number of members than there are downvotes - nobody - and I mean NOBODY in the entire Daniweb community has deemed any one of your posts as worthy of an upvote.

If I had this sort of profile, I'd probably think I was socially inept. With regard to wasting your time because nobody jumps to your tune. Yep - you're right. Nobody here is going to take you seriously and you only have yourself to blame. If you have worked very hard to gain a reputation and respect in Poland amongst your fellow web developers, you should have maintained that attitude here, as your reputation is in tatters and who knows what sort of respect you have - but I'd suggest it is still more than that which you have afforded Dani. This is not blind loyalty to Dani, but just a personal feeling of "yuck".

If its not blind loyalty than what is it? how would you name that?
Its blind loyalty to its fullest. Wrong things are not the one that should be discussed publicly. Thats exactly what we strongly fight against. And we will not stop till it disappears totally. Its like censorship. Here in Poland is like a plague - every second forum is like this.

But I still cannot see who downvoted my posts/articles. Informative as hell.....

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It's been explained to you as to why the downvotes are anonymous. Do you still not understand?

And we will not stop till it disappears totally

Who is 'we'? I look around and I see one individual. Railing against the unfairness of it all. You see blind loyalty, because that's what you want to see. I just really hate your manner.

So, for the third time of asking. What are you doing here?

Its blind loyalty to its fullest.

I believe it's called standing up for an extremely talented person who has put her heart into Daniweb to provide a forum for the open exchange of ideas (some apparently less popular than others). This support comes (in my case) after seeing how this site has been run, and steadily improved, since I joined in 2010. Loyalty, certainly, but I'd hardly call it blind.

Its like censorship

We are disagreeing with what you say. We are not altering or deleting what you say. That's pretty much the exact opposite of censorship.

Wrong things are not the one that should be discussed publicly. Thats exactly what we strongly fight against. And we will not stop till it disappears totally.

You're talking about tweaking the user interface to a web forum. You're not trying to topple a corrupt government that is oppressing millions, or end world hunger. You need some perspective.

Informative as hell

If you want feedback you are getting plenty of it here. You're just not paying attention to any of it.

commented: I believe it's called supporting awesome society of masterminds who will find answer to almost every problem. And help legions of people with IT. +0

Its like censorship.

Except not at all. Notice how none of your posts have been deleted or modified? Notice how you're still welcome to continue posting? Rest assured, I've been part of forums that do practice censorship, and Daniweb is about as far from that as I can imagine without letting spammers run rampant.

But I still cannot see who downvoted my posts/articles.

Yes, and you won't for the forseeable future. Once again, this is intentional.

I know not being able to see who downvoted is intentional but I cannot understand the logic behind this.....

Is Dani talented? To be honest - she knows how to code (=write code), but she has no even slightest idea of what it means to listen to users; to be devoted to sth; he has wrong business model - you do not start new business when prev is not finished. But call her talented if you like - I think she is not.

From what I believe, main purpose of feedback forum is for users to give ideas/requets of new features. There are two types of features: core features and non-core ones (called satelite). Whenever user requests feature change/addition which would alter core usability of webapp - there is no place for discussion - coder (in this case Dani) should start coding it immediately and do not stop till it gets implemented. Thats how you gain respect. By devoting free-time/every possible moment. Its end of story here.

When user requests satelite feature, than its ok to have it discussed and users can say what they think.


What is all about is that I have different definition of how you gain respect and how you should be a leader of online community. And I try to communicate this.

And please stop saying that yu do not alter my posts where I say not possitive things - of course you do - thats why I do have infractions (where is the name taken from??). Its first step towards censorship on the forum. Thats exactly what we fight against. We fight for internet to be 'clear' - for users to be able to say what they really think and not be met with any kind of repressions/victimization.

Ordinarily I am more the peace-broker than the ball-breaker, but your attitude has pressed my rant button. Here it comes:

So, by your extremely self-centred view of the universe, whenever a user requests a change to the system then Dani would immediately implement that without any discussion? If that's how you think respect is gained then I can only conclude you live in an asylum and posting here is part of your therapy.

Seriously, you are coming across like a petulant child who throws a wobbly when told no. Look, we do listen to feedback here and plenty of changes have been implemented as a result over the years. One user shouting, however, will not dictate change just because he rudely demands it.

In my 25+ years online I have come to conclude that if it smells like a troll, looks like a troll and acts like a troll then 99.9% of the time it is a troll. If that's not you, then you are sure doing a damn fine job of impersonating one.

If you really don't like it here may I suggest you go elsewhere, we won't be offended and we will carry on just fine without you.