I'm back here after a very long period. And see lots of changes here. Beautiful and amazing design.
I was missing some illustrious members. here is who are they ? and why i still know them :

Reverend Jim provided full assistance while i was learning vb.net . i still remeber his great help in my first vb.net project (it was tic tac toe game). I learned lots of things from him. Sir , you're great.

deceptikon motivated me to write my first tutorial.He explained some of c++ concepts(operators and array).

mike_2000_17 is great person. He made concept of recursion very easy for me. To understand the concept i used to be in his shoutbox in late night. Hope he finished his PhD.

And, of course, dani for providing such a nice platform(daniweb.com).
looking forward to meeting similar kind of people in my journey of Android app Dev.

Now come to the topic.
I know c++ andvb.net. And little bit Java. Now i want to learn how to develop android apps. I'm totally new to this.
the only thing i know about Android dev. is that " i have to write code in Android studio" and i've downloaded it.

please suggest me some good websites/books where i can learn the basics of Android app dev. I'll start on my own and i'll be here with the code where i get stuck.


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Most apps for android are written in Java, using the android Dalvik compiler (different byte code than javac produces), but the source is still mostly pure java. You should be right at home! :-) Google has excellent resources, documentation, and other materials to help you with this effort.

I don't know anything about Android development, but hi!!

I learned alot from youtube and I am sure you can too. There are tons of videos on how to create android apps on there.

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