I just posted an article in Hardware & Software -> Microsoft Windows with the title "Windows 10 and Secure Boot". I added a few tags in the Tags field and when I submitted I was told "You do not have permission to create new tag(s): 10". I was told the same when I tried to add the tags after submitting. I find this peculiar because

  1. I thought we were encouraged to add tags
  2. I was presented with a text entry field asking me to enter tags

And how is it that "tags related to this article" shows

access button database datagridview sql table textbox vb vb.net visual

when none of those tags have anything remotely to do with the article?

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Sorry for the confusion. When it says:

You do not have permission to create new tag(s): 10

It is specifically saying you do not have permission to create the new tag '10'. Tags are separated by a space or semi-colon, and cannot be numerical only. Remove that one tag from your list because the tag 10 makes no sense on its own. Instead, use the tag 'windows-10'.

Secondly, tags related to this article ............ because the article currently has no tags, the list is fetched from tags related to the category that the article is in. In this case, those are the most popular VB.NET tags. Perhaps the VB.NET forum wasn't the most relevant forum for your article?


You can add/modify tags after an article is posted with the input field below the reply editor.

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