Please don't post "spam" or "Thank you" posts in this thread since this is meant to be used as a guide for all beginners and I am sure we would like it to be on topic. I hope you understand this.

For these of you who would like to learn more or start with Java Microedition - JME (also known as J2ME) here are few tips

What you need for development (download links) Your favourite IDE and Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 for CLDC Download (the latest available version as 13/07/2008)
NetBeans with integrated Mobility
IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse ( setup )or any other IDE with support of JME
Custom Wireless Toolkit (to download one you have to register on the forum) Sony Ericsson ( Sony Ericsson SDK for the Java(TM) ME Platform )
Nokia Java tools
Motorola ( MOTODEV SDK for Java ME v1.4 )

Recommended books by me :*

To start with JME Beginning J2ME: From Novice to Professional 3rd Edition
Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA (newer version from same author with latest technology offers)

Advance topics: Mobile 3D Graphics
Mobile 3D Graphics with OpenGL ES and M3G
Pro J2ME Polish: Open Source Wireless Java Tools Suite
Pro Java ME MMAPI: Mobile Media API for Java Micro Edition
Mobile Web Services

Additional resources to check upon: Java ME APIs
NetBeans tutorials
Sony Ericsson, scroll down for tutorials plus little search of forum (they should organize the forum little, but I still like it)
How to set up on device debugging for Sony Ericsson phone ( I found it very helpful)
Nokia forum
Wireless Java Security 1 & 2 - are little older articles, but one can still learn a lot from them - is a collection of basic tutorials for JME, but please be aware it does lack explanation to the code
Java ME Tips - another collection of working examples
DZone Snippets - another code examples
Mobile Game Developer forum
and the latest points of my interest Sensor (JSR-256) and mobile 3D(JSR-184) { part 1 , part 2 , part 3 } tutorials

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Android Tools/SDKs

Simple start/how-to developing in:

  • IntelliJ IDEA (community version 10 does support Android, version 9 only commercial support Android)
  • Eclipse
  • NetBeans 1 or 2 (WARNING!!! NetBeans been always behind with Android SDKs they only on SDK 1.5, they are more active with JavaFX)

Android Books

  • Beginning Android 3 by Mark Murphy, Published: July 4, 2011, (Publisher website with forum threads related to book)
  • Pro Android 3 by Satya Komatineni , Dave MacLean , Sayed Hashimi, Published: April 21, 2011 (Publisher website with forum threads related to book)
  • Beginning Android Games by Mario Zechner, Published: April 21, 2011 (Publisher website with forum threads related to book)
  • Pro Android Media Developing Graphics, Music, Video, and Rich Media Apps for Smartphones and Tablets by Shawn Van Every, Published: December 23, 2010 (Publisher website with forum threads related to book)
  • Beginning Android Tablet Programming - Starting with Android Honeycomb for Tablets by Robbie Matthews, Published: November 7, 2011 (Publisher website with forum threads related to book)
  • Beginning Android Web Apps Development - Develop for Android using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and More Web Standards by Jon Westfall , Rocco Augusto, Published: November 30, 2011 (Publisher website with forum threads related to book)
  • Professional Android Application Development by Reto Meier, Published: 21 Nov 2008, (Publisher website with forum threads related to book)
  • Professional Android 2 Application Development by Reto Meier, Published: 26 Feb 2010, (Publisher website with forum threads related to book)
  • Android: A Programmer's Guide by Jerome Dimarzio, Published: 1 Sep 2008, (Limited Preview)
  • Android Essentials by Chris Haseman, Published: 27 Aug 2008, (Limited Preview)
  • Beginning Android by Mark Murphy, Published: 22 Jun 2009, (Limited Preview)
  • Beginning Android 2 by Mark Murphy, Published: 10 Mar 2010, (Limited Preview)
  • Pro Android by Sayed Y. Komatineni and Satya Hashimi, Published: 22 Jun 2009, (Limited Preview)
  • Pro Android 2 by Sayed Y. Komatineni, Satya Hashimi, Dave MacLean, Published: 9 Mar 2010, (Limited Preview)
  • Unlocking Android: A Developer's Guideby Frank Ableson, Charlie Collins, and Robi Sen, Published: 21 April 2009, (Publisher website with some free chapters and code downloads)
  • Pro Android Games by Vladimir Silva, Published: 8 Jan 2010, (Limited Preview)

Online resources

For those starting out to develop apps for iPhone check out the Stanford University Lectures on the same. The lectures are pretty descriptive and contain lots of examples.
This the link for the 1st lecture. You can find out the remaining lectures from the related videos tab

If anyone is working on a machine without internet connection and is looking into downloading platforms for their Android SDK, your search is over...

The magic URL is -
That is the XML file from which the URL for downloading the SDK packages are obtained.

For e.g. if you want to download Linux version of Android SDK for version 2.0, you could look up that XML file. You will find a block under tag SDK 2.0 like this

<sdk:archive arch="any" os="linux">
    <sdk:checksum type="sha1">2a866d0870dbba18e0503cd41e5fae988a21b314</sdk:checksum>

So the URL will be

After you downloaded the zip, simply go to <yourAndroidSdk>/Platforms and unzip the downloaded file in there. And that's it, next time you start up your IDE the platform will be listed.

Source: Quakeboyz Dev Arena

if you want to develop apps for the iphone on a Windows platform, dragonfiresdk is a good tool to use, especially if you want to create gaming apps.

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People who are seriously committed to learing android and customizing it should also closely follow

There are many way to learn Androdi and Mobile app development. Udacity the program from Google itslef is more efficient in learning from scratch.

Join Udacity FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL for Android if you like upgrade it. Alsoi would suggest the mobile desgin course on same.

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