so, those of you with points probably never try this, close your account on DaniWeb. Well, you can't.

I have tried in vain for 5 years to cancel.

I have tried to find any cancel link that works, any button, any combination of tasks, but nope.
the emails keep coming. year after year.

so I am making my first post to DaniWeb ever. don't tell me what button to press or where to go. you don't get it. they are there, they don't work for my account.

I need the cancel membership button to actually work on DaniWeb.

that is all and thanks for reading.

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You talk about emails coming, which ones? Have you deselcted the "Receive Occasional Community-related Email?" option in your member profile, for example? Are you subscribed to watch any particular threads?

But, ultimately, if you want to leave us then as Dani points out above the proper link is there and that button certainly works. Go on, press it: I dare you :)


Maybe, the reason why you can't cancel your daniweb account after clicking the button so many times is because your account is special and it is a sign to do good things... or you just don't know how to click a button.


I am confused why would someone make an account and want to delete it before even making a first account.

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