Hey where did the General Discussion went?

I've been looking for it in the forums, but there was no sub-forum. It's the one where people talk about random things or have jokes and all that.

I think he means the Geek's Lounge. It's gone, just post under Community Center.

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Will future geeks lounge articles be posted with the tag is the question. No guarantee that users will tag them so.

If people use the tag system properly then posts will be tagged appropriately. As there is no geeks' lounge forum any longer, I don't expect to see too many posts being tagged in that manner. However, I would expect to see stuff tagged with things like 'jokes' 'chatter' or 'food' for example. That's how the system is meant to work, and would enable you to quickly find posts that are joke threads or food related...

I see that BleepingComputer is having a massive update too. I just checked out the developer preview that Grinler sent me in the message. Since i'm on both forums i'll be the best to help out as much as I can, because I have too much time on my hands.

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@HG - I agree that this is a better way to do it, however, the much-loved / maligned geeks-lounge may evaporate. :)

It's already been vaped, hasn't it?

It's good to see spammers making use of tags. :S

This new sandbox is to limit the amount of spammers on this site to keep it clean.

There is no 'new sandbox' just a new name for the same old, same old that's been around for the longest time to help in the anti-spam fight here.

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Speaking of tags, I have a question. It's fine to say we can look up what we want using the tag "jokes" or "food" but how does the tag system resolve synonyms? If I enter the tag "food" it will not (for lack of a better example) shbow me threads tagged with "edibles" or other such related terms. We also have zip, zipfile and zips. To date there are more than 9500 tags, mny of them related. If everyone is free to just make up tags ad hoc then won't it just descend into anarchy?

  1. Newbies do not have the ability to make up tags ad hoc. They can only use existing tags.
  2. The new tag picker I think does a good job at encouraging the reuse of existing tags over creating new ones. Unfortunately, the tag picker is very new, and the vast majority of anarchy and messiness is from before its creation. I agree there is a bit of a cleaning up process from years of abusing the tag system when it was not a primary means of navigation. However, I do believe that, after the initial clean-up, it won't be a big concern moving forward.
  3. Moderators have the abilty to merge tags that are synonyms.