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I see -2 if I refresh the post. Try downvoting, upvoting and such to see if you can replicate?


Now with more downvotes?

I clicked on the downvote and get this: http://i.imgur.com/MMMDBT3.png
Wow, -4213433 downvotes. Click it agan and bock to-2106714 downvotes.

It's not a severe bug. Just one of those odd things. And appears repeatable.

Find any post with say 0 or 1 downvotes and try it.

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I can't get it to go to 4 million or -4 million. It only seems to work on the FIRST post. Going up or down makes it plus or minus 1 as it should. Then when I try to reverse the vote back to 0, it goes to -2 million or +2 million. As many times as I want. Only when I vote, then reverse the vote. So it shows up as -1 or 1 correctly, but not 0.

Again, only on the FIRST post of this thread. Your other posts respond to the up/down correctly. Weird.

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I will fix soon!! I am accumulating a list of bugs to fix. Unfortunately I have to take care of some Dazah stuff first. But I'll get around to DaniWeb stuff within the next day or two. My goal is to have everything done -- both DaniWeb and Dazah -- by the middle of next week.


Just reporting, not asking for a fix.


I'm really sorry, but I fixed this. I know you weren't asking for a fix. I hope this is okay.

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Thanks, will miss my 2,106,717 upvotes though.
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