I need to develop aa database to store stock taking information and sales. I was going to use MS Access to strructure and make all the logistics for my database since im quite friendly with access and i find it easy to use.

MY problem is, i want this database to be accessible online, by multiple devices in different locations (1pc and 4 tablets).I have read some articles on how this can be done and found the following;

  1. use a sharepoint site to upload database
  2. upload database to an SQL Server

So my question is. Is it actually possible to make a database with access and share it online or do i need to use an alternative software to Ms Access. Also do you know of any method which is preferably free of charge or low cost since I'm still a student and trying to experiment with database.

I appreciate any help !

P.s this is the first time i am trying to make a databse shared online so detailed info would be appreciated !

Re: Mc Access Database 80 80


if the connections are limited (20 concurrent users) then Access can work fine, by opening more connections the database performance can degrade fast.

How do you plan to update the database: through script; Access interface?

Have you considered MySQL or PostgreSQL? Both are open source, multiplatform and free for commercial use. You could also use SQLite, which is the most handy solution (easy to backup, easy to export), if most of the activity is reading and by carefully using transactions when writing.

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