Why will you not let me unsubscribe from this site and/or delete my account.It should not be so stupid to unsubscribe from this site
Do I have to engage a lawer just to get out or something.This is digital kidnapping.UNSUBSCIBE me from Daniweb.Thankyou.

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go to the dropdown menu with your username, click on Edit My Profile, scroll the page down, until you get the Permanently Delete Membership button, click it.

Bye bye!


If he attempted that, he would get an error message saying that you need to have no posts for 7 days before you can delete your membership (to avoid people clicking it accidentally b/c they don't realize it's permanent, and to ensure people take the time to think about what they're doing.) Therefore, I went and deleted his membership for him.

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oh, thanks for that!
Always helpful!
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