Seen this issue for sometime. When I initially open the C/C++ page from my bookmark, the online indicator does not show it's green color. After refreshing the page or viewing a thread or do something with the webpage, the online indication button turns green.

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Determining the featured members for each forum is a server intensive process. Therefore, as much information about each user (including online status) is retrieved from a cache.


Online status is cached for everyone (updated every 15 minutes I believe). However, if your cached online status is currently set to offline and you visit a page which includes a "currently active" list, by default the vBulletin forum system "fakes" your online status by automatically adding you to the list regardless.

When I coded the "featured forum members" area, I didn't bother to include the code that fakes online status if a particular member whose cached status is offline visits the page, since it was already so server intensive to determine which members to list I figured it wasn't worth it.

I hope that makes sense.


Why me?

Not just you afterall. I just saw that behavior for the first time today. I bookmaked the c/c++ forums and now when I use that bookmark the online status is greyed. Oh well, as Queen Deniweb mentioned, I'd rather see fast loading pages then have significant slowdowns just to make the online status green when it should be.


Remember, it's only incorrect for you when it is the first page you access on the site (since the information about your online status isn't updated in the database until after the page has already been output to your web browser). The information is always accurate for everyone else. And I suspect that one knows when they are online without having to refer to a little icon.

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