hello all
i want to update my online store and i want also to know is it good to do it in PHP or should i use ASP again

cuz for my opinion i dont like the design of the website and you can all check it here


and please tell me what is also the opinion in the design of it and what do u like to do for it so you can all like it

Thank You

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I have done lots of work in both, and PHP is a much better choice!

Why I think so...

Saves you money - PHP + Linux are free, so when you host it somewhere the savings are passed down to you as opposed to ASP which required a Windows OS that is more expensive then free, not by much.

More power - PHP offers hundreds of adventages over ASP with many very useful builtin function like the GD library for on the fly image processing and simple mail function which does not come with ASP by default.

Support - You will find much more code nippets or even complete code samples in PHP vs ASP which also has a bunch.

ASP is a powerful web development language, but I would choose PHP in a heart beat over it.

my 2 cents

PS Please don't start another war of the scripts here :D

commented: Good, unbiased information. +1

lool im not gonna start war heheh its just more informtion for ppl

i heared that ASP is more secure than PHP so they advice any one doing an online store and have credit cards database to use asp or even JSP

is that true???

its just more information for me

thanx in advance

PHP is not more secure the ASP, nor is it the other way around!

Your site will only be as secure as you code it. If you ask me, people that say that one is more secure then the other are obviously bias toward one.

In order to have a secure web site, with whichever language you use, you need to use up to date coding practices, and have proper measure taken on server level, like closing ports and setting up firewalls and making sure that you use SSL for sensitive data.

I appreciate senexom's inbiased assessment. Posts such as "ASP Sucks!" or "PHP RULES!" just don't help anybody! :)

I have been a professional web/database developer for 10 years. I started out doing CGI using a language called PL/B. I quickly moved to ASP/VBScript and SQL Server. This is where the majority of my experience has been. I used this architecture every day for years. A little over a year ago, I started working with PHP/MySQL. The decision to use the LAMP architecture was driven by cost. We had a database heavy web application, and SQL Server hosting costs were going to kill the project. It took me all of about 2 weeks to FALL IN LOVE with PHP and MySQL.

I had all the reason in the world to be biased towards the Microsoft way--ASP/VBScript. You'd think as I learned the PHP way of doing things, I'd naturally find it strange or "bad". The opposite was true. Almost every time I had to learn the PHP way to do things I used to do in ASP, it was easier and more intuitive to my understanding. Senexom mentioned the power of all the built in functions. He's exactly right. With ASP, I was always needing third-party components--many that came at a price--to get the functionality I needed. With PHP, I have yet to run into anything I can't do with the existing PHP libraries.

I'm not looking for a scripting language war either, but I feel I had all the reasons NOT to like PHP, and it won me over fast.

thnx alot Troy i will read the article
and thnx guys for the answers gr8 answers

Php or Asp , If you could follow the best programming principles and make your website and your customer data secure then that would be a step forward.

Oh NO not this again :rolleyes:

What you have there is two separate articles written, admit it with some prejudice against one or the other side. Although the blog has some good points regarding the oracles paper, it tends to over excaudate as well. Neither can be fully trusted end of story!

I'm sorry but how the heck does oracle compare .Net to PHP anyways, they are completely different things apples and oranges if you will. I would consider "classic" ASP to be a subject of such a story, but .NET is on a whole different level.

Read this after you read oracle's article

The pro-Microsoft author makes some very good arguments for ASP.NET. From what I know, I agree--it's a very powerful architecture.

My #1 problem with the Microsoft way is that it shifts gears as fast as I can get up to speed. When I felt I was a really good ASP guy, ASP.NET was launched and made most of my ASP experience obsolete for web dev. That kind of ticked me off. I'm very happy and productive using PHP now, and at least in the Kansas City area, there are plenty of PHP jobs. I continue to maintain a lot of "legacy" ASP code, but I've decided to sit out the Microsoft web dev path until the dust settles in Redmond.

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