hi , i would like to set up an online forum but is totally clueless on how to do it. what programs would be needed to setup a forum ?

phpbb is free you can also get free ipb or the best in my opinoin is vbulletien those three are mainly used just serach on google.

i'm doing a project on creating my own forum. are those pre-set codes or do i still have to learn some coding ?

You don't need to be a programmer to set up a forum. :) You just need to know how to install web-based software (but don't worry, it comes with instructions.)

oh . i need to learn and understand the code on how to create a forum

If your web host is providing you with cpanel then you may be able to install a forum from there since it is automated. But if they dont the all you need to do is download the type of board you want to use then just follow the instructions. It isn't all so difficult. It is basically editing the config file. and changing permissions for files on the server.

Well good luck.

Can I get any free webspace and domain to setup an online forum?

You can get free space to host your forumn (not recommented) but you will need to pay atleast for domain

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Hello just wondering how you are going with your forum.

Have you created one yet?
How many members?
whats your url?
What is your target audience?


oh . i need to learn and understand the code on how to create a forum

Check the knowledge base to create a forum;

The forums are pretty easy to setup, do you know which one you want to use?

I wouldn't advice to have the host install it automaticaly. The scripts they have in cpanel are always outdated. Get your hands on the latest release of the script you want to install and do it yourself. Running a forum will mean modding the theme and script afterwards, better learn everything from the start ;)

Can I atleast get the subdomain which I could use alongwith the free webspace that I will get?

With regards,
Mandar Thosar

Check out our Web Hosting forum within the webmaster marketplace. You should be able to get some good deals in there. It's not nice to hijack existing threads with an off-topic question.

You can get free space to host your forumn (not recommented) but you will need to pay atleast for domain

Of course, there is always the option of free domain names (http://www.cjb.net)

Their are many free forum hosts out their but you have to ask yourself these questions:

1). Do you want to move to your own server in the future?
If yes it may be cheaper to start of with a small hosting package or make sure that your free hoster allows forum 'dumps' for later on when you want to transfer all your members and posts across when you move to your own hosted server.

2). Make sure you check their Terms of Service (TOS) as one day you might try to login and find your forum no longer exisits due to 'violations' of TOS.

I personally would go for a host (does not need to be expensive) who can start you ouut with a small hosting package and increase it if needs be, also you want to buy a domain name but this is usally free if you sign up to a hosting account go to the forum software main website and download it from their, forum software these days is pretty easy to set up and basically does it for you.

Oh and don't go with InvisionFree they are the worst free forum host of Invision i've ever come across their rude, aragant and never reply to support tickets.

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