Hey Miss Dani, i was just wondering if it would be possible for you to add the functionality of keeping the buttons "Warp Iilinetags", "warp code tags" to the Quick reply WYSIWYG editor, since it has some extra space or unused space at the right corner.

Those are the basic features which everyone needs even when someone is quick replying to a thread and just to use them i have to switch to the advanced view when the entire job can be very well done in the basic view.

Please let me know if you can ?

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This has been asked in the past. Unfortunately, while I would like to, I am still not proficient in the code which powers the Quick Reply box, and will need to study up on it more. I'm finding the code very messy.


Well there are a couple of things that are on my short term to-do list before I plan on really looking into this, since I suspect it will require looking into a good amount of code. As of right now, you can probably expect a more robust quick reply wysiwyg editor after the new year unless I find time to get to it sooner.

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