I've noticed this problem, and it's really been annoying me:
Whenever I click the unordered or numbered list button, it prompts me for all the items I want in the list. However, the newlines that are supposed to be automatically inserted are all at the end. Not that the lists don't display properly or anything, but with long lists, it gets really annoying having to remove all the whitespace the the list button generates.

I've attached a screenshot below to help clarify.


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I don't experience this problem in IE7. It properly adds the hard return after each list item. However, you might want to try using the WYSIWYG editor. Does anyone else encounter this problem?


I'm trying it now.


  1. hello
  2. it seems to work fine

I am also using IE7. Maybe its the browser, what version are you using?



  1. item1
  2. item2
  3. item3

It seems to work for me and I'm using firefox (can't give exact specs since I don't know them)

Tip for more people who want to try it: turn editor off (top right button)


OK, I did a bit of browser testing. By the way, I'm on Mac OS X. The screenshot I gave previously was what was happening on Opera, as that is what I use the most right now.

Firefox works perfectly; there's no problem with that.

Safari was even worse than Opera. Basically, each time I entered a new list item, it replaced the previous item, so when I was finished entering list items, I was left with the following snippet:


It must be something with the JavaScript method, because I don't think this happens in WYSIWYG mode. I'm considering switching my browser into that mode...

I can't!

"Depending upon the capabilities of your web browser, you may not be able to use all of these options. If you experience problems when posting messages, try switching to a different interface type."

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