Is anyone specifically dealing with members who send 419 scam posts by private message?

I've just got one from flower55 claiming to be "Miss Odette Amah from Zimbawe" who is keen to give me 15% of "Seven million five hundred thousand United state Dollars".

Not great problem but last month I also got a private message from martinsdave01 asking me about "comersus crack software" which is some kind of credit card reading software I believe.

I wonder whether it would be possible to create a "Flag bad post" link for private messages as there is for normal forum posts?

Just forward these messages to either Davey or myself and it will be handled. I haven't received any of these emails, personally.

What she said! :)

I get a lot of odd PMs, but nothing of this nature. If I know about them I can deal with the members involved. Phishing attempts in forum or by PM will be dealt with swiftly and firmly, and treated in the same zero tolerance manner as spam.

Usually members who spam via PM are banned straight away NO QUESTIONS ASKED!! (On most sites)

Yes, but we need to know about it first, since the spammers are sneaky about it and sure to not spam any of the moderators or administrators who have the power to ban. So we need you guys to forward us the spam PMs you receive so that we can take action.