hey i own two forums that are the same, one is a free service with ads and stuff but its really good, i like all the features it has added to the admin panel


then i have another one thats the same but paid for and hosted on one of my sites, its looks the same but without all the features in the admin panel

I really want them all. I have no clue at all how to get them on there

can someone give me a hand please

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anyone kno anything about adding these features??????????????


If you're talking about phpBB2 forums, you can download phpBB2 mods, hacks, skins, avatars for free from their Web site. They supply it all as archives and with installaion instructions. They've support forums also.


basically i want to know where exactly u want to make changes, i mean if want to add something on first page u need to modify the index file. or supporting .tpl file wherein u can add some code according to ur need.


if u know basic html very well then u can edit the tpl file also its just an different extension given to html file which is being called in another html/php file. rest depends on u how do handle the codeing....

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