hey i just got a new-old computer (new to me) and i did a system restore. well now i am having problems with dl'ing stuff on my computer. When Winamp loads up, I get a "the ordinal 422 could not be located in the dynamic link library PX.dll" message, but it works. When i try to DL yahoo messenger i get a "Could not load the DLL library C:\WINDOWS\USER32.dll. The specified module could not be found." and i cant DL it. Then when I try to DL SP2 I cant because i have to accept a ActiveX control but the task bar doesnt drop down. (here is what the site says:)
Install the ActiveX control required to view the website
The website will not display correctly on your computer without this control. To install it:
1. Right-click the Internet Explorer Information Bar. It's located just below the address bar.
2. In the right-click menu, click Install ActiveX Control.
3. In the Security Warning dialog box, click Install.
Note: If the Information Bar doesn't appear, or if you've installed the control but still can't use the website, take these steps to solve the problem.

And when i go to "take these steps" it doesnt offer any advice bahhhhhhhh!


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ok i got this too with the sp2

When accessing the Update site, you receive the 0x8ddd0011 error Last updated : 06/07/2005 Print | Close

Problem description
Windows Update cannot continue because of an unknown error.

Applicable operating systems and products

Windows 2000

Windows XP

Windows Server 2003

1. Log on as an administrator for this computer..

Click Start
Click Control Panel, and then double-click User Accounts.

If you do not have an administrator account, ask one of the administrators listed to create one for you, and then log on using that account to visit Windows Update.

Did this resolve your problem?

2. Accept the Windows Update ActiveX control when Internet Explorer asks if you want to download it.

Important: To prevent security attacks, do not download a Windows Update control if it is not signed by Microsoft, or if Internet Explorer tells you that the control does not have a valid digital signature.

Did this resolve your problem?


ok now i have tried to DL the divx player and when i am tryin to install i get "This application has failed to start because LIBDIVX.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.


Can you find the .dll files that it's complaining about on your hard-drive? For example, if you do a start, search (or find), files and folders, and look for those names, are they found?


It sounds to me like a completely fresh install of XP is the best solution to this problem. I'm sure it's not the only solution, and hopefully someone who does this a lot more often than I do (tracking down windows system errors) can help you more in depth than I can, maybe DMR, nanosani, or nizzy.

I would suggest a reinstall, but it sounds to me like there is something wrong with the registry (I'm brought to this because you downloaded divX, and it wouldn't run properly, and I'd guess that it's bundled with all the files it needs).

Sorry I couldn't dig further into this for you.


hey um i was lookin thru my computer and i have no system32 folder (in C;\windows) could this have somethin to do with it?


Yup. That could have EVERYTHING to do with it. I'm not sure if system32 is hidden by default, however, so if you open up my computer, and go to tools, folder options, then click on the view tab, and it will says "do not show hidden files and folders", and make sure the one below it "show hidden files and folders" is checked.... then sift around in there and see if you can find it.... if you can't.... big uh oh.


Empty your cache! Tools-->Internet Options-->"Delete Files"

If I understand correctly you get an error when the ActiveX control tries to load for Windows update...or any other ActiveX control for that matter. Do you have any kind of popup blocker running on your browser? I think Google toolbar does that by default. One thing you can try is to go to Tools-->Internet Options-->Security and then highlight "Local Intranet" and then click "Sites" then "Advanced" and add an entry for *.microsoft.com and then try Windows update again. If you did system restore it's likely that you reverted back to a level of updates that screwed up your OS so SP2 is probably your best bet for doing anything with this particular installation. You could try the network download of SP2 here:


As far as the other errors you're getting with DivX...did you have it installed before? If so...try uninstalling it. You should work out whatever is going on with SP2 and other Windows Updates before you move on to the other apps.

Good luck!

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