There is probably a thread already started regarding this. I would like to contribute some networking tutorials. Can someone provide a link to a thread on this issue that already exists or perhaps point me in the right direction? I tried to search for the subject but seem to get nothing.

Thanks in advanced, LamaBot

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Yep, the process has changed a little with our newly revamped tutorial section. It has become, in essence, an invitation only thing.

You need to PM me in the first instance to discuss what you have in mind, and I can then point you in the right direction for how and where to submit the tutorial copy - assuming it gets as far as asking for a draft submission. That then goes into a holding area where it is checked over and, if passing the necessary quality control checks and undergoing any required editing, then ultimately published.

Have a look around the tutorials section to get a feel of the kind of thing we are looking for, both in terms of subject matter and writing quality, before submitting any ideas though.

Sorry to sound off-putting, but I am sure that everyone would agree that it is in the best interests of both DaniWeb as a resource and the mebership as a whole, for tutorial content to be of the highest quality. Essentially we are aiming for tutorials that would be good enough to be published in a print magazine or book.

The really good news is that those tutorials that do make the grade will attract a small publication fee from DaniWeb.

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