This just started after changing the colors and code tags yesterday. Copy some code and paste it into the Quick Reply box, then hit Go Advance button. All the line feeds and spaces are lost, eveything is now on one line and I have to manually replace all line feeds, spaces and tabs. I just now noticed the problem in this thread.

I don't experience this at all. I'm very confused by what you're referring to? I just tried copying some text I wrote in Microsoft Word into the quick reply box and then hit the Go Advanced button and had no problems.

You have to copy from a previous post -- I highlighted the code the OP posted with my mouse then copied it into the clipboard. Then pasted it into the quick edit box.

It seems to be a bug with the wysiwyg editor. It works fine when using the standard editor. Did you by any chance switch editors (with the little 'A' icon in the top right of the editor box) within the past day?

No, but I switched using CP a couple weeks ago. Only noticed the problem for the first time when I started this thread. Never used the 'A' icon before.