i am trying for copied the file from a local system to another file.but it displays the null pointer exception.y the null pointer exception is coming.

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Could you be at least a LITLLE more specific. Post the entire error message, together with the code (abd use code tags) and mark with a comment, or something, the line referenced in the NullPointerException.

As far as to your question "y the null pointer exception is coming" (which I assume is supposed to be "Why am I getting a NullPointerException?") is, because you are using a reference that hasn't been defined.


most likely cause: he's trying to use a serverside visualisation technology to perform clientside filesystem operations without understanding either the technology, why it's the wrong one, or the underlying programming languages, network protocols, or operating systems.

Recipe for disaster whatever way you look at it.


First, be a little nicer about how they wrote their question. NOT all people using these sites are native or even good English speakers...
If the question seems to make sense which this one does, don't complain about the language choice...
What I see is typical language for a Japanese or Korean trying to find help on an English site because there are few resources available int heir native languages.

That aside, jwenting, if you are not going to be productive then shut up... your post adds no value to this guys question, to the previous question or to daniweb at all...

Don't assume to know what he's trying to do, no one has asked him.... and as I have seen you know little about how the world works anyway...

Now, ashitha, null pointer, in the generic term, means what masijade has said and he is correct we will need more detail to better help you. Depending upon where the null pointing exception is being thrown, it can mean slightly different things... Such as if you create a file object without actually pointing it at a file... versus trying to use a variable name that hasn't been defined, versus etc.. So more specific will be needed to help...

Also, if you're a native English speaker and I insulted you by saying your sentences were like what I commonly see from Asians trying to write English, then I am sorry... if that is the case then perhaps you should clean up the English... If you ARE a non-native English speaker then you did a good job getting the message across and shouldn't be afraid to try ;-)


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be nice. personal attacks aren't nice, especially from kids who don't know what they're talking about.
stop being so rude to others
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