I don't think tgreer has posted anything constructive since leaving daniweb. All he has done is criticize anything new dani has done and he probably will keep doing it until he has his way. Which I doubt will ever happen.

Dani, has herself asked him to stop doing this on numerous occasions...

I find this behaviour rather distasteful. Dani is too polite to do anything.

Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.

This is often paraphrased as "All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one."

If you leave now Tgreer then you won't notice the obvious failings Daniweb has experienced since you handed in your moderators badge. And that is the simplest solution.



I'll not respond to any of the criticisms against me, since some of them are actually valid, some are not, and some have nothing to do with the issues, but rather with frivolous "personality" conflicts, which are completely irrelevant. I'll rely on discerning readers to separate the wheat from the chaff, full well realizing that the vast majority of members don't care about any of this anyway.

I'll respond just to TheNNS's question (even though it's written in the 3rd person) because no one else has any business speculating: I left the mod group because of philosophical and ethical issues concerning the use of IntelliTXT and the manner in which it was implemented, as well as the growing trend towards an illiterate, unprofessional membership and a "hands-off" policy regarding quality control (which would only be exacerbated by a gamerz forum - there, I'm on-topic).

Contrary to certain implications, Dani and I remain friends and recognize that this is a point of contention we'll likely continue to debate forever. She is intelligent enough to recognize sarcasm and hyperbole, mature enough to maintain friendships in spite of profound differences of opinions, and continues to trust my opinions on various issues, a trust I value deeply.

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Yes, just keep the trolling to a minimum and stop begging the mods for infractions?

Why did so many moderators leave concerning the IntelliTXT issue? I agree that it is very annoying, but there is an option to turn it off, which I have gladly taken advantage of.. or was this option not always available?


>Why did so many moderators leave concerning the IntelliTXT issue?
You have to ask them, but things got pretty heated. I guess most of them couldn't recover from the conflict and chose to cut their losses.

>but there is an option to turn it off
This was an addition by Dani to compromise with those of us who disagreed with IntelliTXT on a fundamental level.


ohhic.. I was never really around during those debates.. so I can't really relate to the problem myself.


> Why did so many moderators leave concerning the IntelliTXT issue?
I still doubt it was a IntelliTXT issue. It was more like something which was building inside of them from the start, the IntelliTXT such provided an easy outlet.


>i think he left when a load of other people did, over the intellitxt fiasco

whats intellitxt? sorry, i haven't been around for a long time.


It underlines specific words throughout Daniweb, and makes them into advertisement links..

For example, if someone typed in "Microsoft" into a post, Intellitxt would probably double underline it in blue, and have it link to a Vista advertisement or something.


>Most of the people who have "team colleague" badges are mods who quit over that issue
Not. Most of the people who have "team colleague" badges quit long before IntelliTXT was introduced, and the number of moderators that actually quit because of IntelliTXT can probably be counted on one hand.

Of course, this thread has gone from arguing about a game forum when the administrator clearly stated that it wouldn't happen to debating whether DaniWeb is a failure or not, and finally has switched gears back to our favorite topic: IntelliTXT. I don't know why I even posted in this thread in the first place. I'm sorry.


I don't really see what the big deal is about intellitxt.. It's an easy way for Daniweb to generate some more $$. It may be an inconvenience, but it isn't hard to get used to.. especially after Dani gave us the option of turning it off.


Exactly. I dont have a problem with the ads so long as there not flashing or popping up or have music. They keep daniweb free which is what matters


>I don't really see what the big deal is about intellitxt
For the moderators that quit, IntelliTXT wasn't just annoying popups that hovered over the text they were reading. Like Narue said, they had fundamental issues with having their content turned into advertising; making it look like they in fact are trying to advertise, perhaps confusing innocent newbies into clicking on them for help. In that case, having an option to disable it for themselves personally did very little to change their opinion on it.

I'd love to be able to find that poll thread again, but alas, it seems to have disappeared, perhaps moved to another forum where the public can no longer view it.


>I'd love to be able to find that poll thread again, but alas, it seems to
>have disappeared, perhaps moved to another forum where the
>public can no longer view it.
True, due to many issues, it has been moved to the 'Area 51'.

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Must be some pretty confidential stuff there... ;-)
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