Has this feature been removed?

When I amble back to 'old familiar' (which takes more work than I would like), it doesn't work as I expect. That is, if I specify to search for "environment" in Geeks Lounge, I get results in forums such as

  • Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003
  • Window and Desktop Managers
  • Perl
  • *nix Software
  • C++
  • Java

If the change was intentional, it will a feature that I will sorely miss.

Working on it.

In the meantime, you can visit the Geek's Lounge, and then in the dropdown menu select "search in this forum" to achieve the same result.


"Thanks" in german. :)

I need to search a particular forum too.

As mentioned, for now, just go to the specific forum you need to search and then in the dropdown menu in the search area of the sidebar, select 'search only in this forum'.

Good. That was missing for a while.

Umm ... it's always been there? I didn't change anything.

I was seeing only the things in the dropdown that are now below the dotted line.

The dropdown menu has not changed for over a year. However, the options above the dotted line change depending upon where in DaniWeb you are. If you're on the homepage, for example, you won't see the option 'search in this forum' because you're not in any particular forum.

I'm used to another search where you have to be at the home entry point to search and you choose the forum in the dropdown.

Thanks for the info.

Any progress on the 'Advanced Search'?

I've been trying for almost a half hour to do previously default behavior.

The search behaviour changed because vBulletin's built-in method was just way too resource intensive on a database of our size (nearly half a million posts) to the point of taking the database down with it with almost every search. It was also a security hazard should a hacker try to DoS us by performing multiple searches. Therefore, I had to devise a new way to perform searches off of the database server and on a separate search server and in a much more efficient manner. This was semi-urgent in that as soon as basic functionality was coded, the new search method was implemented. I simply haven't had enough time yet to code all of vBulletin's default behaviour into my search script.

> I've been trying for almost a half hour to do previously default behavior.

What, specifically, were you trying to do?

At the moment I don't recall. Probably trying to search by member in a particular forum.

Does that then require manual insertion of the member number and forum number?

Yes ... until I get around to recoding the search feature :)