I like it when my problems gets solved.

I Like Google and Forum Commenting

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1.Search about tanks
2.Read comics and interesting new stuff :D

I like to talk with good people and make some good and nice friends

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I update my knowledge through Internet and I also use it to contact with my old friends

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Just like interesting and skillful educative stuff that can earn me some real time cash. Will appreciate if any could give me an aid.

watch online dramas and movie, facebook, read people's blog

I like Search engines and you tube because I think that Search engines are really easy to be use

Reading blogs, online games and watching free movies.

I like to surf around looking for (signature)spammers and then find out where they live, if you understand what I mean.

I'm liking that, it is cleverly funny (Y)

I like Online Shopping and I love to read Articles

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Learning new technology
Learning hacking techniques
Learning SEO :)
Buying and selling !

i like facebook and youtube on internet

my favorites on internet are skype and facebook

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There are so many things to do on the internet that you can't name them all.

My favorites are:
Meeting new 'friendly' people around the globe
News that you don't hear on TV
So many free games and free gifts

sometimes i like chat with my friends ,and i often go to some interesting forums

i like videos about reality which available on internet and surfing

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I think that Internet is the best invention and We get so many advantage with it Now a days it is so easy and fast,and I think that internet is best Entertaining and as well as informative World

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I like to share some new thoughts and ideas with my Friends and make some Good and Nice friends

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What I really really LOVE about the Internet is the FREE access to different reading materials.

It's like a boundless library & thanks to Google and all other search engines, we're able to make the most of it. :) Agree?

I love discovering new technologies, people postig relevant ways to improve the world and I do mean RELEVANT, finding out about new games and new ways for personal growth! I think everyone can find at least one thing daily to be honest with you!

I also love to discover technology and share some new ideas With Friends and improve our Living and Life styles

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I love the internet for bridging the distance separating me from my loved ones & friends through email & chat. And it's much cheaper compared to regularly calling them by phone.