What do you like on internet?
1. Reading new stuff, interesting blogs
2. Reading and posting on forums
3. Buying something
4. Selling something
5. Something else
Please share your views on this topic

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I love that FREE stuff :D
To be honest, I cant live without I-net, i'm addicted and I love everything in it, except spam & Scam.

I like to surf around looking for (signature)spammers and then find out where they live, if you understand what I mean.

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In my time off, I like to collect spammer addresses whilst putting the finishing touches to my latest toy.

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1. Research
2. Finding out new things
3. Finding interesting forums, like this one
4. Love exploring new scripts
5. Really enjoy social pages
6. Some games
7. I prefer Internet on computers to Internet on cell phones

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I like to search different things on internet.

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spam, eggs, bacon, and spam

I don't buy it unless it is free!

What do you like on internet?

pics of your mom, mostly.

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pics of your mom, mostly.

hmm, I seriously doubt that. Unless you have a really twisted taste...

Hi Smith09,

For me, internet is pure information. Sometimes not so correct, but still.

it's information, it's not always correct, so I guess so.

Watch movie
Search for lyrics

I love to be in social networking sites and any community based site.

I love to be in social networking sites and any community based site.

Why ? to spam ?

pics of your mom, mostly.

>.< you be trolling, i be sighing.

theres loads of stuff on the net i like though its not really like a separate place to me now its just like telly or something,(?books? err maybe not books their quite the opposite actually, like mini world i can get lost in) just another bit of live. was wondering if you guys think the internet is starting to merge into normal live? its kinda hard to explain maybe the best way to put it is less of an activity and more part of life? (i don't know feel free to voice you'r opinion and that)

as for what i like best about it (this new part of my life, (except its not new) never mind) is probably the free amateur fiction stories, manga and anime, games and friends. its also really awesome way to get knowledge (well get info but info + you = knowledge so you know) and shop etc.

im not listing forum's as i'v been there and done that and watched all the people i knew on a site get bored and go cold which kinda put me off, but am trying to get back into it ^_^

>.< gah I'm half asleep i completely missed page 2 of the post's there lol

I'll go ahead and say what you are all (probably) thinking:

Pictures and videos of pretty ladies (and men) in various states of undress and undertaking various activities not suitable for the minors present :)

Or to put it bluntly, porn :P

Edit: almostbob beat me to it...

I like Reading new stuff, interesting blogs.

I love to watch free movies and search about the new fashion and celebrity.

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i connect with my friends, i get updated on the latest news, fashion and etc. i get to find the information i need whether be about people or anything under the sun.

I like to tell my friends they're wrong when they say the internet is made by Microsoft.

I like to tell my friends they're wrong when they say the internet is made by Microsoft.

That's Bulls**t. Tell that to Bill , slap his face and ask him if he knows me then run.

reading new stuffs, interesting blogs
buying something
playing some games

For me i love to do my research and online purchasing on the internet. I don't want to go for market to purchase something. I try to purchase everything on the web.

I like to use the internet to make money. I love information about science that applies to health, healing and happiness so I have read hundreds of books on it. Then I created a few websites to put that information on. To do that I had to learn about html and SEO. So now I am still learning about those same things (like health) but get the very latest information by using the internet. Then I add that new information to my websites. Then also I have a blog on Google's blogspot or blogger (see below in my signature) where I can write about whatever I feel like writing about.