Hi, I am looking forward to getting the new i9 core when it comes out and I hear one of the cpu's that are going to be available is 4GHz 6 core 12 threaded. I'm going to wack two of those cpu's with dual sockets into my new computer. I use this cpu mainly for heavy duty rendering and for lots of brute force. So while we can't be certain about what is going to happen lets speculate. For example, we know the i9 is based on 6 core processors and the largest processor will be 4GHz so what will you do with this cpu and what date do you think it will be released as it is currently only known to be the first half of 2011 and what processors do you believe the i9 will contain?

Nothing on Intel's official roadmaps yet but they will be announcing next-gen Core processors (next-gen i3, i5 and i7) at CES.

Interesting post. Let us know if you have managed to find more information.:)

Nothing. I'm looking forward to the new ARM Dual Core chips.

As above: Nothing. I still think Pentium 4 computers are fast enough ... and expensive enough.