How abt rsh? Is that enabled? ssh is just a secure-rsh, so whatever you can do with ssh can also be done with rsh.

Thank you for reply.
Can you give some example codes, please.

Sorry my bad. I did not read "from remote windows machine on linux?"
Well, I've never done this. In fact I've never even connected from a windows to windows from command line.
I assume telnet works?
have you tried:

telnet <machine> <<EO_MY_INPUT >> output_of_telnet_session.txt
date /t (or whichever is the command to get date/time)

You should have the output in output_of_telnet_session.txt, which you can parse using std linux stuff, grep, sed, awk,...
If you have password-less authentication setup, skip the password on line 2.

Ale answered me on
Thanks him.

This is his answer:
You can use the net time command (net is part of SAMBA):
net time -S computername
(the same way you would use net time \computername from Windows)

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