Is there a way to get current date and time from remote windows machine on linux?
On remote windows machine ssh not enabled, there are no powershell.
Can we achieve result via telnet or smbclient?

How abt rsh? Is that enabled? ssh is just a secure-rsh, so whatever you can do with ssh can also be done with rsh.

Thank you for reply.
Can you give some example codes, please.

Sorry my bad. I did not read "from remote windows machine on linux?"
Well, I've never done this. In fact I've never even connected from a windows to windows from command line.
I assume telnet works?
have you tried:

telnet <machine> <<EO_MY_INPUT >> output_of_telnet_session.txt
date /t (or whichever is the command to get date/time)

You should have the output in output_of_telnet_session.txt, which you can parse using std linux stuff, grep, sed, awk,...
If you have password-less authentication setup, skip the password on line 2.

Thank you for response, friend. I'll try!

Ale answered me on
Thanks him.

This is his answer:
You can use the net time command (net is part of SAMBA):
net time -S computername
(the same way you would use net time \computername from Windows)